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Mediterranean Vineyard Bliss Basket

Mediterranean Vineyard Bliss Basket

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Revel in Mediterranean Vineyard Bliss with this thoughtfully crafted collection. The Vineyard Peach Liqueur and Grappa Di Amarone Barricato evoke the sun-soaked essence of vineyards, while the Château Cap Leon Veyrin and Sancerre wines transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean. Truffles Fantaisie With Cocoa Beans, Chocolate Coffee Bean Balls, and Chocolate Almonds Cocoa Powder offer decadent delights that capture the spirit of indulgence.

Explore the robust flavors of Terrine Canard Aux Olives and Pimiento Piquillo Y Alcachofa, complemented by the freshness of Clémentine De Corse Organic and Cranberry Mustard. The Olive-Italian Herbs Seasoning Oil Organic and Pomegranate Vinegar Balm add a touch of Mediterranean richness. Conclude your journey with the sweet symphony of Chocolate With Mango Passion Fruit, elegantly presented in a Bottle 20cl Dama Triangolare within the Krt.Gift Basket Large/Natural with a Cork Wooden Handle 18 Natural. Let this collection be your passport to Mediterranean vineyard bliss and gourmet joy.

The Gift Hamper includes:

• Vineyard Peach Liqueur
• Bottle 20cl Dama Triangolare
• Cork Wooden Handle 18 Natural
• Truffles Fantaisie With Cocoa Beans
• Chocolate Coffee Bean Balls
• Chocolate Almonds Cocoa Powder
• Grappa Di Amarone Barricato
• Bottle 20cl Ora De Re
• Cork Pointed 13/16 Mm IA
• Clémentine De Corse Organic
• Château Cap Leon Veyrin
• Sancerre
• Pomegranate Vinegar Balm
• Olive-Italian Herbs Seasoning Oil Organic
• Cranberry Mustard
• Black Tea Winter Evening ORGANIC
• Pesto Genovese
• Pasta Spaghetti Al Basilico
• Chocolate With Mango Passion Fruit
• Terrine Canard Aux Olives
• Pimiento Piquillo Y Alcachofa
• Le Lingue Di Pane
• Krt.Gift Basket Large/Natural

This Gift Consists of:

Vineyard peach liqueur Bottle of 20cl Dama Triangolare Cork wooden handle 18 natural Truffles Fantaisie with cocoa beans Chocolate coffee bean balls Chocolate cocoa almonds Grappa di Amarone Barricato Bottle of 20cl Ora de Re Cork pointed 13/16 mm IA Clémentine de Corse BIO Anterivo Nottola Sancerre Vinegar balm pomegranate Ital.Olive-Herbs-Spice-Oil BIO Organic cranberry mustard Tea black winter evening BIO Pesto Genovese Pasta Spaghetti al Basilico Chocolate with mango passion fruit Pimiento Piquillo y Alcachofa Le Lingue di Pane Box gift basket large / natural

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